Our Story

The Beginning – Iraq 2010
While serving over seas, owner and founder Sean Haggerty, longtime lover of all things craft beer, found himself simply in need of a nice cold beer after a difficult operation. The next day ingredients were on the way, and within weeks he had brewed his first beer. Self-admittedly not his best brew, he realized something as he took his first sip from that old thermos, he really enjoyed the process. Ever since, Sean’s passion has been the pursuit of exceptional beer and his challenge was to do so as a good steward to the natural world, through organic, sustainable means.
Getting After It
After business paperwork was in order, we secured a great location in Miramar and got down to the build phase. Grinding cement and hanging drywall while simultaneously brewing and refining experimental recipes, it was only a matter of months before we were open and sharing our passion with the community.
The Doors Open
In the Summer of 2017 we gladly opened our doors to a thirsty public, grateful that the product and service we provide goes hand in hand with people relaxing and having a good time. Since that day we’ve strived daily to provide a great experience for our patrons, whether that is enjoying a crisp, refreshing beer at home, or knocking back a round with friends at our tasting room.
Onward & Upward
As of 2020 we are distributing our four core beers across San Diego and parts of LA. We are adding ground breaking organic beer styles to our brewing schedule, and moving forward with key partnerships with sustainable farmers creating symbiotic relationships that will benefit this earth and those who inhabit it. Cheers, and here’s to the future!
– The Protector Team