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Protector Beers

Organic SD West Coast Style IPA

Organic Hazy Mosaic Pale Ale

Organic Citra Juicy Dipa

Organic SD Hazy IPA

Organic Hazy IPA

Organic SD Lager

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Experience the Unique Flavors of Protector Beers

Expect a unique and delightful experience whenever drinking Protector beers. Our beers are veteran-owned, vegan, and USDA-certified organic, making Protector the first of our kind in San Diego. Each brew offers distinct flavors and aromas, such as the citrusy and mango notes in their Organic Hazy IPA, or the juicy grapefruit and passion fruit flavors in the Organic Citra Juicy Double IPA. Protector beers also have a creamy mouthfeel, balanced bitterness, and a range of aromatic profiles, from piney to floral, ensuring a satisfying and refreshing taste for every beer lover.

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