Protector Brewery

Protector Brewery is thrilled to be a Power100 Champion using 100% renewable energy from San Diego Community Power!

Unfiltered Organic Vegan

Exceptional beer, crafted with
sustainability in mind.

Total pounds of recycled organic spent grain diverted from landfills to SD Microbes from Protector Brewery.  SD Microbes recycles our organic spent grain into products used to grow healthier food and reduce carbon in the atmosphere.
0 +
Total pounds CO₂ Emissions reduced from the partnership between Protector Brewery & SD Microbes and by the support of all of our customers.
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Sustainably Crafted
We only use pure, organic
ingredients in every batch.
Forward Looking
Sourcing natural ingredients
for a more sustainable future.
Mindfully Brewed
Every batch is meticulously
brewed here in San Diego.